I am in upheaval lately…. again.

I was asked out on a date by an 18 year old cutie and I think he was also feeling quite giddy. Well, that made me feel good. I have flirted and k-noodled with a couple guys in recent weeks and it made me worry for my relationship with Adolfo.

I go to work from 8am to 4om for 5 days a week. He works 4 to midnight 5 days a week and we connct on 1 of the common days off. It is simply NOT enough!!!! He does not read this site, so I could write anything and he would not really care much.

Care – as it he would be upset at me and I would have to fret for days over it while he pissed about it. Oh well…

SAM wrote me today and is feeling very blue. He is my dear man from southern California who seems a little torchured with life. He is a man with a magnetic heart and acutting whit… he told me he is a shadow of who he WAS. Since I have not seen him in about 2 years, I am concerned about his physical and mental health. He seems to dark….

Allan is doing better… the drama queen of Austin, Texas.

Gary, busy bee… i picked up the latest Legion of Super Heroes and it was interesting so I subscribe to other issues. Will I see your girl? The Superman sotries have been interesting, too. Still a Teen Titans fan, though. I think that Cyborg shold move on and Starfire should get a life…

I am writing a lot again. I really REALLY want to travel!

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