I have been watching the WB Superstar now that all of my reality shows and other qulaity shows are off the air OR are in repeats. Oh my GOD I am glad I do not know anyone on this show!!!!! It’s evil… yet I have to watch. Paradise Hotel and Forever Eden were JUST as EVIL and yet… I watched. In the end… I was the only person watching Eden????

So, Kieth and I have pretty much mended our fences … I thnk I wrote earlier that I was off of him. He has done a lot of good things for Adolfo and I and I cannot take that for granted. It is his nature to extend himself out, so his more IRRITATING qualitites have to be overlooked or kept in perspective.

(phone call)

So, Allan and I are on the outs over simular issues… problem is that Allan has broken my trust a lot of times. They were just promises that would have been things I would have gained from… which should have probably never have been made. I wonder if there are other issues as well, like a hidden agenda, like some kind of physical expectations… ya know????

I can hardly say… I debate whether I should post his e-mail explaining his position. It might be a conflict of his privacy???? Well…

I have to consider who my freinds are? I have to consider my own insecurities and deficiencies when it comes to contributing to freindships. I want to be a better person… but sometimes I lose?

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