We have been working on the apartment. Some of the things we have done is buy a new couch, painted one of the walls a light green, put Adolfo’s picture on the wall over the new fireplace, new mantel, and this cool new statuette of an angel I found we both liked. I did all of this while adolfo was at work.

So, I got to play Home Improvment…. yeh! So, while I was outside staining a shelf (feeling very bootch [can’t even spell it])and all theneighbors I knew an more walked by and we made chit-chat. It was so coooooooooool!

So I cannot wait for Adolfo to come home and be happy with all the changes I made??? Maybe he won’t like it, but that is okay.

Other news, more in line with my usual tone, I had a long conversation with Boston John this week who is sorta a new friend. I have known him for more than a year, but only recently started exploring a freinship wit him… so we walked about the qulaities of freindship. I have been doing some evaluating over the last month or more about WHERE I am in life and WHO is with me on this journey.

I decided I had some toxic people in my life. I think Allan has been a bad influence on me, but I an looking at that and trying to be open minded. He sent me a a long e-mail explaining where he is coming from…

You see, I slammed the door on him recently and told him WHY and HOW pissed at him I was. He wrote a decent reply, long reply, and I have not read through it yet. I do not read LONG e-mails, but I will as soon as possible.

Joh is a good man. GARY is a great man. So many people have been cool with me… some have SUCKED.

My sleeping pill is hitting me.. goodnight

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