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Oh, as for the fallen logs in the road, chain saws! It struck me reading that paragraph that your mindset has a bit more pessimistic tone to it when seeing these detours in life as serious roadblocks. I know I have goals and I know people/situations can cause them to be side-tracked, but if it is important to me – regardless of how long the detour – I will achieve it. If I drop it, then I’ve come to see that it was not something that was as important to me.

I guess in a nutshell I would ask you to consider seeing the people setting up challenges from a positive outlook – just as you do with Adolfo. He may be holding you back at times, but you noted he’s also helped you grow in ways you didn’t imagine you could (and I’m not talking about how big your erections get).” End Quote

ya gotta love this man. Bill is a lucky camper!

I had a nice evening with a freind of a freind from out of town. Dinner at the Cuban Cafe on Tropicana… yummy!

I am off to bed.. good night…

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