Epiphany… I think too much about myself and I think too much about my own chaos. Correct me if I am wrong, Gary, but I sound like a big dramatic idiot on this stupid thing sometimes. YES, I seem to write more when I am upset… so one could assume I am a happy little flower when I do not write.

Wrong.. but often right.

Today I was thinking about people. I keep running into people that seem to be like logs fallen across the path of life. There are some people what continue to slow you down from your goals and hold you back from doing things you want to do… things you want to achieve… simple things.. complicated and important things. I have a lot of those people.

Somehow I do not walk away from them. Frankly, I would not have many people left. Is this a new thing, I ask myself? Have I always been this way? …affected by these kinds of people? Or is it just me right now in my life.

Adolfo is holding me back, but he is also helping me grow in different ways.

Other people hold me back, but only I can achieve what is truly desired. Only I can reach out and grab the gold…

Sometime I wonder how lazy I have become and how complacent. I am on a shadowy road on the path of life and I do not fear, I have to persevere.

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