Today I logged into Blogger and it is all different. I am thrown by it, but I can live with it.

Last night Adolfo and I threw a party for our new apartment. It was a nice idea… but entertaining has been a “nice idea” since moving to hell… I mean Las Vegas. So, the party was scheduled to start at 7 but only one of our gal pals was there. So we oredered pizza…

At this point I started drinking wine and then people started showing up. We got a nice, little crowd of people we knew. We even got some nice gifts as well… all of which we appreciate very much.

Nobody from my work showed up… no one from Adolfo’s work showed up. PEOPLE SUCK… but what is new.

I find more and more I really do not like a lot of people. Maybe this is Las Vegas? Maybe this is my life? My neurosis? I would hate that my psychological deviations are gorwing and that the healthy identity I want to conceive is still out of reach.

Fuck – this sucks.

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