Today (Sunday) was my Friday from work. This week was tough as I feel my energy changing. As mentioned previously, I am currently doing something for work that I am not enjoying. I am miserable over the sttitudes of some people while I absolutely love some of the other people I am working with.

I love working with food. Unfortunately, it is reflected on my waist line. I am also coming to terms with some needed personal changes in order to feel better as well. Let’s see how all that works out.

I feel very lonely often these days. I no longer have a friend who is here to lean on. I no longer have someone I can call and say: “Let’s get coffee.” I have no one to run wild with and laugh with and feel good with.

I do with Adolfo, but our time is so limited from each other. I also need freinds outside that intimate circle.

See my previous entry about “friends” for reference. Friends from school have suddenly fallen away… well, peeled away as the path of life has branched out. Now, i am trying to do what I wanted to do months ago… be a better person.

Ya know, some people think they know you. Some people think they know better. Sometimes people know you better than you think, but it is amazing how far off those other people really are. Even the closest ones????

My mom has surprised me a few times telling me things I never realized… that was amazing when she did that. My dad did the same thing sometimes, but the man can hardly hit the target when he is standing in front of it…. he hardly knows me AT ALL. ergh! Adolfo is about 50/50 … which pisses me off sometimes.

Maybe I am ranting incoherantly right now, but I hope I made a point? I hope I formed a whole thought and you can follow??? How about letting me know??????????? Someone write me!


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