ugh! I have not been updating this. Instead I grouse at Allan, Keith, or Emily. (Who’s Emily??? See me on Frienster and her, too). Anyway, I woke up this morning stressing my balls off. All of my work clothes were missing and I could not account for them. I last wore them on Tuesday, where I changed clothes at work. I knew I carried them out of the hotel. I knew I put them in the truck… at least I was certain I got to the truck with them.

So, what happen? I check ed with security at the hotel and then wardrobe… ugh!

I was already stressed because I am moving on Monday and my schedule chaged so I could not move as planned. I have been begging my chef for a scheduling considersation.

ugh! Well, chef called me into his office and said he would make arrangements! Adolfo called said he found my clothes in a storage bin we just bought! I got my schedule. Yeah!

Things were looking up and I finished work.. blah blah blah… moving day is getting closer …

I am worried we do not have all the furniture we need! ARGH! Oh, I need to get to bed.

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