Well, this has been a bizzy month. Tonight I am just trying to pay some bills and catch up on a few things.

Gary! Guess what I have been doing…? I got started collecting comic books again within the last couple months. This time it seems mostly DC more than Marvel… because Marvel has become way way too confusing! I am liking JLA, Teen Titans, and this book that combines Superman and Batman. I even bought back issues. Today I read this book called the Outsiders and think that one sounds kinda interesting too. In Marvel, I am trying to figure out what the hell is happening to the X-Men. I also am picking up the Avengers and a few scattered others.

I find that reading the comics is a little relaxing and fun to get involved in the character histories. Who knew Wonder Girl was killed??? Well, there is a new one again. Super Girl is back again… Super Boy’s plot line with the Teen Titans is actually remortely interesting. The new Kid Flash is a hottie… but that is another story.

Anway, I am having a little fun reading them.

I am trying to get enrolled in school again! The University of Phoenix is all over the place and if I move or whatever I can always attend that school…

We bought a new dining table. I will update things about the new apartment and the new table as soon as I can in the Other section of my site…. check it out for updates soon!

I’ll write more soon…. 🙂

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