I’ve been a little bizzy this week with stuff… my best bud from ghigh school came to visit this week from California. He lives in Visalia now and is a Sherriff out there…

Anyway, they arrived and we planned on spending a lot of time together and we did. Life was also deminding my time this week as well. We managed to rondevous Tuesday for what was supposed to be a mutual sky-diving trip. They said I was too big for it. The company is all over the internet and they suck in my opinion… but what mattered was that Terry was happy.

Well, Terry was pissed off the first day. The idiots running the show at the sky diving place dropped the ball and had to cancel drops for the afternoon. Terry ended up going back on his onw the next day and jumped gleefully from 15000 feet… meanwhile, because of my great girth I held the earth in orbit from Las Vegas.

Anyway, after leaving the jump-place on Tuesday we went to Hilton and partook in the Star Trek exhibits… Klingon Encounter and the new Borg Encounter 4-D … Borg is less entertaining than the Klingon Encounter for sure! At least the Klingon Encounter takes one’s breath away on occasion.

On Wednesday we met at my place for dinner. I decided to make one of my favorite dishes: Beef Wellington, Creamed Corn and a salad. The salad was a spinach salad with a cremy balsamic I made. THEN for desert I made a Lavender Enfused Creme Brulee!!!!!!!

Terry… If you read this skid this paragraph and do not disobey! So, we went shopping for the food to make this happen and I nealry pooped myself for the cost of the meat alone. It was a 70$ piece of meat… holy crap-a-tolla! So, we made it happen anyway.

Dinner went off well and I was happy about it.. so as long as they were happy too… I am happy.

Other news!

Yesterday Adolfo and I signed a new lease… so we’re moving starting the 21st. We are also seriously pimping for gift cards for Target and Cost Plus to help furnish the new apartment. We have also decided to get rid of the CRAP we have now to fill the new place.

It’s another 2 bedroom. This one has a wood burning fire place and a walk-in pantry that this palce does not have. I anticipate creating a whole new energy at this new place!!!!! Yeah!

WOW.. that was a lot to update… huh?

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