Adolfo and I have been fighting a lot lately and largely I feel he has been more an antagonist and I have been a little sensative. I read my horoscope on and my compatability with him and was highly discouraged. I like that site because it provides some interesting views from an astrological POV.

I am a Capricorn and he is a Aquarian… aparently they do not match. I keep dating these water signs. Is this a sign I keep choosing the wrong guys? Or, they are choosing me. I dunno!

I have been thinking A LOT about my future and my future with Adolfo. When I look into the future I see myself alone… and I think I am not very suitable for a healthy relationship. I think of my time with Brian (fromerly BostonBrian is NOW ChicagoBrian). Brian was a cancer, by the way, since we were discussing star-signs.

Anyway, I have to start getting ready for work. I have to be over there at 1… seeya!

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