Today is my Birthday. This has to be one of the worst birthdays I can recall. This birthday generally sucked from the start. I picked Adolfo up last night about 1 am and he went up my nose then… he has been doing it every hour since.. at every turn. He does not intend on doing it… it comes naturally!

We went to Todai for dinner and it sucked… the cooks were annoying… the suchi chefs were stupid… they were not making hand rolls that night. Argh… little things but they add up. I was just annoyed.

The evening turned when I fell on my ass over this cake that was delivered. It was a jgiant penis and balls with cum shot. ergj! tacky! But I loved it.

Anyway, overall the whole day kinda blew. I am 39 now and just sick of this Holiday Season. I feel like bitching about so many things and all I can really do is take a deep breath and think in frustration and speak empty words of happiness….

OH… My computer is fixed now.

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