Money is a huge issue right now. I feel so pressed. Some may have noticed my last diary entry wherein I highlighted my freakout lastnight. I am loosing sleep over it. I am stressing to the point where I simply must have a heart attack soon.

Should I quit school? Should Igo out and fnd a job and become a drop-out again? Everytime I really get cooking in school, there are financial issues knocking at the door. I feel like I am being kicked in the balls over and over.

Adolfo is being supportive, but as I look at the checkbook, there is a big fat negative at the end of the month. One week away… I can’t even pay rent right now. I need prayers and donations would be helpful…? yes, I am not holding my breath. Imagine I came to Vegas to build a career and a new path in life, but I am already walking around with my tail between my legs.

Oh, this is frustrating….

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