I am about to leave for school and have been thinking about my previous 2 diary entries. When it comes to money I get more stressed than anything else. By Wednesday I feel like I have just worried as much as I possibly could and give in completely to whateveer fate has in store. I hate being this ‘out of control’.

No, you bitches, I am not crying. You synical cows, my issues are no more than all the rest of us have. I am short on money this month and this really really sucks. I ask for help from certain people and I discover their money issues are worse than mine.

Yes, other members of my family have bigger issues with the fire in Cali and NOW in Colorado???? Holy crap?!!!!!??!?!?

There are a lot worse things than being short. Well, I will endeavor. I know some people can’t help out. I know some people won’t help. I know who those people are and I could be dying and would still not get certain people to budge or lift a finger. BUT… that’s lilfe.

I have given up on relying on other people. Jaded as it sounds that is the truth. People suck. In some cases it’s blood… family… what ya gunna do. Oh well…..

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