Oh it has been a while since I wrote. I have been busy and lazy at the same time. So here is a quick review:

Adolfo and I went through a big fight in the middle of August following when his family left. He spent days being as nice as pie, but in the week that followed he transformed into Satan and I really had a hard time with him. We very nearly broke up.

One day he went to work and I put all of his stuff in the second bedroom and moved my office into the master bedroom. When he got hom he cleaned ALL of his stuff from the apartment and locked it into the second bedroom and it stayed like this for a couple days. Well, eventually we sewed things back together and we have had very little issues since then.

I quit my job at Sur La Table at the end of August. I wanted to put a gun in my mouth rathe than show up there dealing with ALL THE FUCKING DRAMA in that place. The manager of the store is a sloppy, stupid cow with the managerial capacity of a teenage girl. ARGH! Oh, how I could go on with the disgusting behaviors there! I digress….

I took a “on Call” position with the Venetian’s Banquet department that started 9/4. I worked for a week, but am waiting for a call back. I think I made a good impression on them and hope they will use me again. It was an excellent experience.

Ed and TVD came to Las vegas and we had dinner together a Caluccios next to the Libaraci Museum. Stay away from that place. Oh my God the service was sooooooooo terrible and the manager was an asshole. The food was decent, but the wait staff does not know what is on the plate. As cheap as the food is, they cut corners so badly that the food is marginal at best.

It was GREAT being with the guys. They had a pal Georgia who ate with us and she is a showgirl with the Penn&Teller show as well as Jubaliee. She knew a lot of people who I also knew or knew of which was really cool. What a fun girl!

So now I am trying to get caught up on all the things I let drop over the last month because I was too busy! I want to take Adolfo out for a romantic dinner tonight but I fear the money is not all there. I also just got an e-mail from United Airlines for an excellent special for a Dinsey package to Orlando I want so bad I can taste it!

Well… there ya go… that’s the update. Right now Adolfo and I are trying to decide what we plan on doing together in the next year. Move to Boston? Seattle? Somewhere else? When? Right away? April 2004? When?

Oh my goodness… what will I do?

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