Money emergency just made it… I ended up borrowing some money from someone I knew aho was kind enough to trust me. Otherwise we are making it okay.

I also had a wierd dream the other day and I still wonder about it. I was in my room and it had a large window overlooking a school yard. I could see a spout of oil coming out of the ground in the distance and feeling concerend about it being there with all these kids running around. The school yard was full of them. Then, somhow the oil ignited and all the kids ran away… no one got hurt. But the fire kept burning and burning in the school yard. I was sitting on the bed, sad about it, when Sophia Loren appeared at my window and was looking in at me smiling like the Madonna…. WHAT WAS THAT????

Anyway, I have been having problems with Adolfo ever since his family left here. He has been an absolute bitch. I am starting to get really sick of it.

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