Yesterday was also very busy and my stress level is breaking heart-attack range right now. Neither of us make enough money to support our lives right now. Once in a blue moon we get into a finanancial pinch and here we are again! I have an electric bill demanding attention, cable, and then rent… not in that order. Chronologically speaking, power is the most immediate since they sent us a new love letter saying I should open it immediately.

What am I gunna do. I have 14 days to generate enough money to cover bills. Not impossible… stranger things have happened. Usually they do, but not to linger over this subject too long… who knows. Feels free to contribute by hitting the HOME link and using my PAYPAL link provided… yeah right.

You know I can see through my stats who is visiting me. I am not getting a lot of people it seems. I can see that I may be my biggest fan because I have popped into my own site to make sure certain pages were reading correctly. Next is Rochester Road Runner cable… i.e. my pal Ian. I also looks like someone in Las Vegas is checking me out, too. University Nevada Medical Center is also making visits… welcome!

Maybe it is the phychiatric ward?

I was busy all day yesterday with a early morning wake-up to take Adolfo to work, then I made a cake for a dinenr party. Then I was ff to work in a dash and spent the day there. At 6 I went to the dinner party and stayed til almost 10, then we went to the pool for a while. It was nice… it was an okay day afterall.

Adolfo is vacuuming and I am not doing my homework… shame on me. Anyway… I need to fly. Happy day y’all!

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