Life is very busy… so much so that I am not keeping up with everything very well. It does not help when (on occasion) I waste time. School is going well, but I have another instructor who is tripping me out. I have to wonder if it is me or these teachers that Chef Hoffmeister is hiring.

Chef McBride is his name… he seems way way too fixated on me and reacts to me in strange ways. If he is attracted to me or replused by me I am not sure. Either way, he pays too much attention to me in completely unproductive ways! Ergh!

Adolfo’s mom and neice have been staying with us for a week. His brother, sister in law, and cousin were here for the previous weekend. This weekend his sister, another neice, nephew and some guy who is a family freind are here to shop and hang out. I just found out that everyone is leaving Sunday.

Anyway, I have to run. Trying to get my FAT ass to the gym and then am off to work until 11 pm tonight.

Later Tater!

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