I had a busy day yesterday and I was gone from 8 in the morning to 10:30 at night. School all morning, then off to the gym, and completed my day at Sur La Table. It was a very busy day, but the thing is I like that. I like being busy like that.

I also have been listening to Linkoln Park so much I am hearing the music in my head when I am not listening to it. I turn it up quite loud in the truck and feel really intrigued with the lyrics when I am driving around.

Wierd though… I have this idea that no one could possibly know what a big fag I am when I drive around and listen to this stuff. I like being perceived at “straight”. Some girls were checking me out the other day and I was laughing so hard on the inside. ha ha ha!

Adolfo has been mad at me for a few days. He occasionally tried putting the frustration aside from me so we can relax… I cannot be open about the wource of the argument… but this one is ALL MY FAULT and this sucks. I can be such an idiot some times. No… I did nto cheat on him. Get over it.

Anyway… I have to work all night tonight. I’ll be there til 11 at Sur La Table. Bored out of my head! My mind slowly diminishing to dust. My drive for life crushed under the wheels of …. dramatic, huh? Anyway… talk soon.

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