In case anyone was wondering…. I am a complete mental defect! I am deluded. I am borderline insane. I live in a fantasy world so bent and twisted that I should be something other than what I am. What does that mean? Well, I have been doing a lot of reflecting again lately and struggling with some things in life. I am stratching at the gravel tring to escape a sink-hole of life and putting on a mask to appear like everything is good and solid.

It’s all a lie. I am a marter dangling from a gallow, my feet kicking as my fingers bleed trying to loosen the rope from around my neck. I scream out and no one can hear me. I ask for help and people cannot see me. I need guidance but I am not worthy. My audience is laughing at me as I struggle to breath. I am my own clown and no one takes a clown seriously.

These rantings seem unfiltered, but they all make sense as I write them out. I understand the meaning of them all, but do not ask me to explain them. They sound pathetic and full of self-pity. They are self demeaning and echo naked and unheard. I am alone. I am denied and again… I am unworthy.

My life is swollowing me whole and knashing me with it’s teeth. I would shed the coat of weight that holds me back if it did not fit so well. I would fly but the anchors hold me restrained; with hooks through my flesh and my eyes blind folded. I reach out and I feel the cold.

…… makes you wonder? Makes me wonder? I am a man born with wings but I took root. A man can not live with wings and roots? Nah…

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