My web site is on a new server now. I moved it off my old provider that I was using when AHE existed and am completely using my hotmail account instead of most other e-mail addresses. I am also trying to get Adolfo set up with e-mail through my hotmail account, but the people at MSN have not been very helpful. Typical support people fail to listen to what is happening.

This war thing is getting nutty ass big. The media as usual is shoveling it all down our throats! I got home today to see some pretty impressive bombing and I have to tell you… I do not know what is more scary…. our bombs or Saddam’s ego. This is a rhetorical question mind you.

I took my first yoga class yesterday and the birkenstock princess running the show was all about peace and feelings of inner peace… blah blah blah peace there and peace here. I love these people, they are usually the first to snap and get all nasty and mean. I could see she probably carried more baggage than Gucci.

Anyway… I went to an SBA expo last night and made some really good contacts. I felt a little lost as while I was there I just stared at the 30 or so banks that were there and realized I hate bankers. I associate them with car dealers and most lawyers. Yeck! SO, I am on a new path of success.

I also stopped by the Psychic Eye Bookstore for a few bobbles to support my spiritual side (right Gary?). While I was there I got a short reading. The woman was fried out and unable to draw a clean reading… but she took my money anyway.

In business, she said I would have money in 3 months for my business and would be in business in a year. [The idea that something will keep my in Vegas longer then expected is abismal] She also told me that a person wants to invest with this business and take and interest in my business. That could be people in my life now or someone new??? Mind you, she seemed off base on a lot of things. But, hell, I do not know.

She also told me that my realtionship would not last much longer. She described my mate as a dark haired woman… though I corrected her. She asked if we were together just under a year… which was true.

I am very reluctant to swollow these psychic readings. But she was strangely on target about a couple things which kinda got me thinking a bit, too. Hmmm… time will tell, huh? It makes me worry about my step-dad more.

Anyway… talk soon!

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