Good morning…. another week… another weekend. Yesterday was my Monday for my new job at the Grand Lux Cafe where I work as a Line Cook. I am still in training and have more to learn. I have to memorize a series of recipes for certain workstations. It’s a bit grueling… but I am trying to stick to it. I met a guy last night who had been working there for about a month and he moaned about how much he did not like it. He was cute too… looked a lot like this guy I know in Mexico named Omar.

Generally, things have been going really well with Adolfo and I. I suppose that is why you have not seen too much bitching on the web site about US. I also deleted my old e-mail address this week and am trying to get people to start using my new one. This is because I am going to leave my hosting provider for a new one I contracted last month. This one,, is way too expensive.

I gotta get my but in gear here. Talk soon!

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