Adolfo was supposed to be leaving early this morning … even before I woke up … but he stayed here and made breakfast this morning. It was terrible, but edible. He di dnot make his special egg dish that I like, but whatever… ya know. Tonight, the new web pages should be uploaded and I will send out an e-mail to freinds and family letting them know what I done did…

I am distressed over $ again. There always seems to be a shortage lately and that sucks. We pay rent today and I have to wonder if there is enough cash for that to happen???? Not to mention all the other bills demanding some cash! Argh! School! Argh!

Working on the web site has allowed meto reflect a little. I had a page for my ex-Brian in Boston because we spent much of a year in a loving, passionate relationship. It is unfortunate he and I never were able to take it to the next level. He had a freind named Victor that was constantly undermining the relationship… but Brian could never see that. Yes, I reflected on him quite a bit, too. I was obsessed with him for more than 2 years after our break up because I was sure we would end up together again.

Which brings up another very important subject. Adolfo and I have been doing well. We have not had the problems as we have in the past. I think we are maturing together here. Well, we have been watching this Gay Marrige marathon on Bravo and then we saw Bridezilla’s which got us thinking about OUR future together. When I see this, I got upset because I cannot imagine being able to pay to have a proper ceramony.

It goes back to money. I got him a diamond ring through some major finangling and a little “slight of hand”. Long story… but thank to help from a friend I was able to get him a ring which bound us together more strongly and through we may take the next leap… when, how, oi vay.

I still dream of owning my own home. But where? Here in Las Vegas? How? My credit sucks… Adolfo’s is not sterling either. Will I ever hit the success point I have expected to? Have I made a mistake by going to school right now? Ergh!

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