On Thursdays I get to sleep in late and catch up from Monday thru Wednesday. I am glad I have this day to do that, ya know. I got home late last night and Adolfo as already in bed. So, I was unable to pick him up from work (his 2nd job) at the Venetian. I felt bad, but he was cool and sweet and undersood.

I also went out for a run last night in a new direction. I have been running (in the past) up Hacienda in the western direction and I hated it because the roads are dark and desolate. Using that direction, I would loop it out to Tropicana and come back home that way. Well… I ran east on Hacienda into a whole other residential area and there are some nice homes out there. I was like… “wow”.

Furthermore, I spent too much time working on the new website design last night and getting the new pages up and running. I have to learn to be patient, because it is not often I get a design that I enjoy and want to keep. The last one (if you’re looking at it today this is the one I am referring to) was really nice but was missing that- someting.

I will work on it a little while more today before I head off to Sur La Table. I have Regis&Kelly playing in the background, The View will be on soon, and then it’s a crap shoot. This is my morning home.

I do not have any other angsts to project through this site. Enjoy and the new pages are cuming soon!

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