All is well… Adolfo and I have been doing well with the exception of last Sunday. My last diary entry was ACTUALLY written on Saturday night after midnight, so it looks like I wrote it on Sunday. Well, all day Sunday Adolfo and I were not talking. I was so mad at hime. SO mad… I do not always understand WHY I feel so much anger toward him when I get like that, but it is all internal to myself. Besides, it’s all his fault.

The new page designs are coming along slowly here for my personal site. Hopefully they will generate some new interest in getting people to visit more in the future. I ahve not checked to see what my HITS have been in quite a while.

Anyway, school is going well and I am working hard on improving my grade, though I am not sure it matters how hard I am working at it. I do not think the 2 women teaching right now really appreciate my effort. Though, there are a hell of a lot of people in this class right now. I am in the middle of baking and pastry classes and I feel I am doing well… but only God knows. I need to improve my GPA.

Good night ya’ll.

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