More days pass… at least I am getting some sentries in. I am trying to use this diary as a means of setting things inside myself to the outside of myself. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. I write in it like I am trying to keep my thoughts in an understandible format. People have complained that I tend to be scattered (in the past).

Adolfo and I have been doing very well since my last entry. Today, though, we ended the evening with a misunderstanding. I encouraged him to go out and party with some of his friends and this way I could have some time alone and he could let loose a little. They were supposed to be going to Ikon and Gypsy… I think. I admit… I have this secret desire that he will bring someone back and we will have a wicked little party… like that would ever happen. DON’T GET ME WRONG… our sex has been awesome.

Money is still tight here and as rent time gets closer I am getting more and more stressed. I am not making money like I have in the past and I am getting a little worried. I get paranoid, but somehow I manage to get through. I am also starting to look for some new work, too. As much as I like SOME of the people I work with at Sur La Table I am not making the ducketts that daddy needs to make. If ya know what I mean!

I am also itching to travel very badly! urgh…. talk tomorrow maybe baby’s!

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