It’s been a few days since I wrote here at all. So here are a few updates: I am still in school and had midterms over the last 2 weeks. I got a score of 86 on my History/Politics Class though I do not know what my grades were from Culinary yet. The chef kinda kicked me in the ass, though I do disagree with some of what he said.

Anyhoo… I have 2 days until moving as as of this posting. Adolfo and I move into the new place inside this same complex, but just a few doors away. I have not packed a damn thing yet. Tune in on the web cam on Friday before 3 to see me….

I took Adolfo some flowers today… well, 1 flower and a fun card! I hope he liked it. I wrote in it that I wish I was worthy of his love. I often do not feel that I am. I think I do things on occasion that errode our relationship. I am a foolish foolish man. Only so few people know all the dirty details, but trust me, they are dirty and annoying.

I also had two dreams this week that were really bad and upsetting:

1. Sunday night I had a dreamI was setting up a buffett for Chef Hoffmeister and was working and supervising the junior class. One of the guys in the class was not attentive and lit a tree in the display on fire. I yelled at him and he got really really mad and three a can through the window thus ruining the buffett because all the cold air would come in and the Chef would be pissed. I stepped away to call 911 and realized I was doing the wrong thing. I should have handled the guy better and not let him get upset. I learned a lesson about dealing with people in this.

2. Monday night I had a shorter dream. I had just taken a huge crap (really) in the toilet and did not flush. I went to shower amd I could see a worm easing down the wall over the toilet. It had two tiny arms like a praying mantis and it was the same colot. It had two huge black eyes. It was growing slowly as it climbed down. I wacked it in the head and it fell into the toilet. It rose out of the toilet, growing larger and larger, until it became a powerful, charing, and pissed off cobra snake. Well!!!! I woke up and flew out of bed…

When the Monday night dream was over I woke up and wrote the essay for class seen in my biography section (About Scott). It was 4 am when I woke and could not go back to bed. I was stressed.

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