Another long and boring day. I worked out and I worked at Sur La Table. I know… very boring.

So I worked on one of my homework assignments for my Political Science/History Class. link THIS is the paper I wrote which was supposed to be personalized about my own Political Socialiszation. When I read it earlier it was good. I hope I think it is still good tomorrow. What do you think.

Is it sad that I live my life the way I do? No one really knows the answer to that unless you’re Mikey, Adolfo, Doc in New Jersey, or Allan in Houston. I am certain my dad wonders if I do not have a screw loose! I should write about what I am doing so you can understand. Gary… are you gunna flip!

I need to get to bed. Mid Terms in Culinary classs and I need to be better prepped for the test. Oi Vay! Later Taters!

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