I do not seem to be able to get the sutomizations on this diary to follow my design specs! Very seriously frustrating…

This next Saturday we are moving to our new apartment. We are also gunning up for Thanksgiving. Luckily we get to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas in our new place. I am excited about that and cannot think of much less for now. Adolfo is not as in to it as I am though… durn it!

I bought some new cookware fo rthe apartment today. Sur La Table is having a special purchasing discount for us and I got lot’s of stuff. I got a sterling roasting pan, combo steamer & double boiler set, small sauce pan, skillet, and some cooking extras! Yummers….

I just got off work and am trying to mellow down right now before going to bed. Adolfo is already there… he must have been bored tonight? grrrr….

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