No, I did not fall off the planet. I moved in an apartment with Adolfo in the last 2 weeks and the new situation has been rocky most of the time. Adolfo is dealing with a lot of things and I learned I need to back off and let him get his head together. He has intimated a few times that he thinks our realtionship is not working out. BUT, by the next morning he is all lovey-dovey again and he apologizes for the things he said the day before. It’s been a real yo-yo here. It’s absolutely nuts at times.

Last night he worked until 11 at his second job at the Venetian and I felt very guilty about not going to pick him up. I decided to go to bed a little early because I am trying to go running in the mornings and get sleepy earlier at night. He came to bed about 1:30 and was gone this morning by 4:30!?!?!?! Man, he does not get enough sleep and I really think it is effecting him in some very bad ways.

Adolfo does not drive or have a car. I am hoping he will realize that he “needs” to take care of that, but I also realize ONLY he can decide that. I am not a taxi service.

Since the move he and I drove to see my mom as seen in the gallery. There are a couple pics from when Adolfo, Tom, and myself went to help mom with some chores around the house. The following week Mom and Bob came for Thanksgiving and stayed for a few days. I know they really love us and care about Adolfo and I. We had a lot of arguments and tried to have them privately, but mom told me she could over hear us.

The good thing is that mom and Bob took an interest and offered us, independently, some advice. I think it helped a lot. I am trying hard, but it barely seems to be enough. God knows what will happen next?

Anyway, the Christmas tree is up and I will have some new pics of that soon.

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