I just took Adolfo home following a dinner at the MGM with our favorite waitress anmed Paula. She works in the MGM Buffett (except Wednesday and Thursday) as a waitress and is a way cool chick from El Salvadore. [Ask for her when you go] ….

Anyway, we are still growing in many ways and there are times when we are together and it is difficult. I hate when he gets quiet and it makes me nuts, almost feeling like I am being excluded in a way. I get insecure in some ways and some people have excused me of being a little overly sensative. I suppose it is true, but I rely on my witts and sometimes I am completely without them. In my relationship with Adolfo being sensative is a blessing and a curse. The thing is as soon as something is inhis head that bothers him, not matter how insignificant, I can feel it.

He gave me a card tonight that was very loving and sweet. It looks like we are headed for an alter somewhere… ya know. Our relationship is blossuming and I cry like a baby knowing that this person has so much power over making me happy and miserable at the same time.

Urgh… I am on my second cocktail and will be heading to bed. I have a bizzy day with school tomorrow in the morning and then have some work with the business plan in the afternoon. Jeffy-Jeff in L.A. is a god in my book!

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