I got a few nice comments back about the ring. So far so good as it goes. I am glad I have Adolfo in my life and I hope he feels the same in return. I am sure he does, though with me he has to put up with a lot. With us talking about living together, we have been faced with stresses and attitudes… it has been good in ways with our changes coming together instead of driving us apart.

Money is always my big issue! I re-did my reume again and am writing it more for Culinary though I would love to do training again right now. If I could get a gig like I had at MASH Village I could still work a second job and continue with school. Alas, who knows if that will happen again?

This week has been un eventful. I think I want to have a party and invite people from school, work, and some of Adolfo’s freinds. Wanna come over and munch out? Alas, I am off to bed soon. Adolfo is already there… good night.

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