Happy Wednesday… which means I just finished a few days of school. I read my last diary entry and quivered over some of the typos in it. Jinkies! I even used an entirely wrong word to describe something. I guess that is what alchohol will do to you??? I had a couple cocktails when I was writing the last entry and now I am chilling out and working on a few things tonight at home. God knows I have a lot to do and my biggest problem is that I am coming up with things which avoid OTHER things I SHOULD BE DOING.

I am a little frustrated with school right now, too. It is costing me a lot of money to go monthly. I have to pay 505.00 / month over my student loans in order to attend. I can get a loan to pay off my monthly from some organization called Creative Education Loans, but I am going to need a cosigner or something like that for about 8K … ergh!

Ya would think I would have thought before starting that I could not afford to attend, but I did not want $$$ to stop me from going to school. The reasons for doing this ahve shifted from a neccessity to something I truly enjoy. I love cooking and I love the fact that I am learning some new things. I feel as if a lot of what I learned is unrefined and rough… so I figure that I am supposed to develop these skills in the “real world” as a chef. Is that true? What if I do not want to work in someone else’s kitchen? What if I want to walk my own path?

What if…? I am working on my cafe and I will soon start working on my restaurant design. I also have homework and projects to complete including my web sites: actionheroensemble.com and actionhernetwork.com …. I aam a bizzy dude.

If only all my troubles were solved… everyone says that though. My problems have always been related to money. I never seem to have enough to take care of basics… well, what I feel are basics anyway. My cable got shut off this morning for non-payment. Luckily I had the 300.00 to get it going again… and I have to get caught up on other stuff. When I get some cash I like to hold on to it as long as I can.

Still, I am a lucky person. I have some important things to accomplish in life and sometimes I feel like dropping everything and vanishing. I feel like trying to make a new life somewhere and starting all over again. But, they say that you always bring your problems with you no matter what. Sometimes trying to break the odds is more attractive.

I put a “donations button” on the front page and I am looking for oppurtunities to make life better. I am trying!


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