Almost middle day on Day3 here in Bali. There was another little earthquake last night, but it was hardly noiceable. I slept well though. The room I have is absolutely lovely. In fact, you can see it on their website at and we have the same view. The sunrise over the Indian Ociean is remarkable!

We went shopping while here and I got a local garmet, silver bracelet, shirt, chop stick sets, and a couple gifts here and there. This place is cool and the people are very different. We should have a little lesson today on the cutlture.

Had lunch yesterday at the Four Season in Ubud while driving through the country side. Dinner was at the Four Season in Jimbaran last night and it was okay. The entr last night was duck and some bad chick-pea variation that was awful. But, I ordered garlic mash potatoes with it that were awesome. We also had a champagne that was okay, but the best part was desert. I had a souffle that was pure sex in itself.

I also saw some woman drop in the middle of the restaurant. She fainted cold. The heat here is tough to deal with as it is 8 degrees south of the equator! I thought Thailand was worse though, but I still do not have the constituion to deal with this all that well. Thank goodness for random acts of air conditioning.

I miss Adolfo very much and am plagued with thinking of him. I feel like I am a plant without sunlight with him so far away. I sorely wish he could have come away with me on this trip. Or any trip for that matter. I suspect he and I will be very busy through January with our lives. At least we have the holidays and other plans coming to light! I hope that he and I will spend Christmas together in a apartmentr that we will share.

It is almost time for me to head out for the day. Here it is 10:15 in the morning. I see these posts get posted according to the server in where ever is siuated. It is also Saturday my time and I will be heading home tomorrow. To come here I left on Tuesday and arrived on Thursday. To go hm I leave on Sunday and come home on Sunday…. that’s the international date line baby!

Thanks to those who sent me e-mail!

Talk soon…. Scott

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