It is 4:30 am in Bali, Indonesia right now and I am hre checking e-mail. I was so tired I fell asleep last night (local time) at 8pm. Sad, huh??? At 3am this morning we woke up during a neat earthquake! The whole place was shaking. No one else seemed to notice and I thought it was cool! Well, except the other guy in the room.

Only did some shopping and had dinner last night. I am getting a lot of pictures so in the coming days there should be some fresh postings on my site. The place looks over the Indian Ocean and the architecture here is something to marvel. You will see what I can sho in the pics. There are almost NO cute guys here! This is a place where fugly seems to be normal! The cutest guys are forrigners. I expereinced the same situation in Thailand when I was there a couple months ago.

I am sure Adolfo would think I was being a complete whore! He seems to think I want to hump anything that has legs… NO! So few people truly appreciate me. Ha ha ha!

Anyway, we are looking at going on a tour today. There is something called the x-files tour, museum and gallery tour, and a Kuta night life tour. This company doing the tours is not very responsive, so who knws what we will end up with.

Talk soon!

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