Since my last entry I found out that I was a day off on my whole trip. As I write this I am sitting in a Taiwan airport waiting for my next flight on to Bali. The trip on China Airlines was fantastic and we keep talking about what we are going to do! Who knows what pictures I will come back with???? I am totally looking forward to having some fun. I am told there is a place to see a monkey forest and another place where we can ride elephants! Imagine????

The airport here sucks but the Dynbaty Lounge for VIP flyers is really nice. Last time I was here they had some delicious food. The Dynasty VIP lounge in SFO kinda sucked, though. They had a lot of junk food…. blech!

The flight was great and there was a stewartress that reminded me of yjr girl who played Batgiel in the old Adma West version of Batman frm the 1960’s. She was cute and perky! Anyway… all is good. I shold be fine. I am glad I can update the diary from afar.

I will be staying at The Bali hotel ( where I am amazed at the rooms. The place looks over the Indian Ocean and we will have a private servant in the room at all times! What a trip huh!?!?!?! Check it out and take care!

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