Finals were over on the 19th and I am only just writing out here in the mighty journal. Since then, I have been doing a lot while enjoying my time out of school. Adolfo and I went to visit family on the weekend having left the 20th and went to my mom’s and then off his his parents on the 21st. It was another great trip. Things seem to be really good between us.

I have been stressed beyond belief. Barely a night has gone by without a bad night of trying to sleep. In other words, I have not been sleeping very well at all. I just discovered that I may have made a huge error in planning. The buddy I went to Thailand with wanted me to go to Bali with him this week. I thought I was leaving 10/1 at night and as I look at the intinerary I just got a ferw hours ago it seems I was supposed to be on a plane 3 hours ago. I tried calling him and his phone is not answering.

I already gave away all my work hours for my part time job. I am also committed to working tomorrow morning at Sur La Table. I can’t get out of that.

I feel like hell right now… my stomach is an acid bath. Damn, this has been a stressful week. Argh, now I can’t think of anything else. Maybe I will update this again tomorrow if I am still here. This would have been a really cool trip had I not fucked this up. He is going to be pissed at me. I was already half packed to leave tomorrow!

good night…

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