I am still studying. I did really shitty on a quiz last week and the Chef gave me a chance to make it up and bring my grade up to a passing. I almost f’d that up for sure. It was a quiz on potatoes and rice and stuff… ie starchy foods. Ugh! I can cook any of them any time, but when asked “What is the ratio of water to rice if you are cooking wild rice?” or “What is the ratio of water to rice if you are cooking standard long grain white rice?” or “If you are making duchese potatoes, mashed potatoes, and (one other forgot name right now) how do the potatoes start out?” …. well?

Monday I had a quiz on eggs, cheeses, and some other less important stuff…. I think I failed it. Why, becasue I focused on the Eggs part and not the cheese part and now I have egg on my face. I guessed my way through it! ARGH!

Today we had a major project due where we delivered a restaurant we designed and we had to create the following: a floor plan, kitchen design, dining room, and a complete menu. Then, we had to cook a dish from each course in the menu appitizer, salad, entree’, and desert. Nothing came out the way it was exactly supposed to and I had to spend money I was not prepapred to spend. THAT SUCKED!

Oh, the answers were 2 (I thought it was 3), 2, and puree’….

ughhhhhhhhhh… Well, the weekend is almost over. School is almost finished for the quarter. 2 more finals tomorrow in Culinary and Friday is Speeh/Communication. Friday should be skate, though. After tomorrow it is going to be ooooooooover. Well, for a couple weeks anyway. What is next quarter going to bring, huh? I have American Regional Cuisine as the main courses of study. I still do not know what my GenED classes are going to be…

Well, now if can mellow out enough to relax and go to sleep tonight. My test tomorrow is on meat. I have looked at so much dead flesh that I woud seriously consider a vegetarian life right now… blah! But, I’ll have tofinish this veal cutlet first. Ha ha ha… Mooooooooo!

This week has sucked so bad. I worked an event last night which kept me at school 12 hours yesterday and on my feet almost the whole time. Damn, I was tired when I got home. Funny thing is that I barely noticed the time going by. I was so busy and so engrossed in things that I was good with all of it. I cannot imagine how some of my classmates dealt with 2 hours of dishes that needed to be done when we were finished. We made use of so many pans and crap last night.

Which reminds me. I plan on looking for a j.o.b. on my break and getting my business plan out. I am dividing myself again. I have some certifications to get taken care of like my health card and stuff before I can work here. I took my Safe Serve Test last week and will have that certification if I passed it. Argh… this is a long evening. I need to get off to bed. I am going to busy through Friday when I will be away for 3 days! Yippee!

Adolfo and I are going to visit family… he is thrilled. Well, not really. Ha ha ha… later ya’ll

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