Studying and other things! Between working at Sur La Table, school, and other things I have very little time. Oh, I have such a list of priorities, but you know what I miss a lot??? I miss freinds. I miss hanging out with old buddy Ed in Long beach and I miss Maureen n Boston. I miss the gang at Baja Cantinia off Copley Square. This is no reflection of Adolfo, do not get me wrong. I miss hanging out. I miss going off… I may have to miss this a lot over the next couple years, huh? I swear to God I am going to move out of this fucking town when I graduate.

I’m watching Anna Nicole when I should be reading my text book. I put some finishing touches on my final’s project for school tonight. I even went out and bought supplies I was hoping I would not have to buy. I spent 90$ on stuff tonight, most of which is for the project. I have a team of 4 at school and our project was to design a restaurant and come up witha business plan, design, statement for what it was about, and all that. About the only thing I got the group to decide on was that we would have a red table cloth. uhm… right.

Tonight I called the woman who was supposed to have bought the table cloth and she still did nothave it. So, I dragged Adolfo over to Cost Plus and went shopping. I got glassware I needed, red napkins, and a “natural” table cloth. The glasses I got were beautiful and perfect. They are red glass. Oh my God they were fun! Adolfo picked them out!

Ya know… starting Friday I had this feeling that Adolfo and I were going to have a fight this weekend. I just KNEW it was coming and we seemed to get close once in a while. Well, I felt the animosity in myself! I felt that it was coming and I reasoned that it was all inside my own head. On Saturday evening I went to the gym after work (6:30 pm) and there was barely anyone there. When I showered at 8:30 there were a lot a guys working the shower and some were fucking hot. I got a total woodie and got an eyefull (not lilterally) so I was supposed to meet Adolfo for dinner and I felt really guilty. I think I transmit that guilt way too loudly. I catch myself looking at a cute guy and then hoping Adolfo did not see I reach over to him (Adolfo) and touch him as if connecting back to him and absolving my own guilt.

Should I feel guilty for looking at pretty boys? There were two foriegn boys at Sur La Table on Saturday that were absolutely beautiful and I would totally pay tosee them naked or even clothed. Damn they were cute and I tried to be cool about it and all. Too many cute boys come into my store where I work part time. Oh, poor me… ha ha ha.

Anyway, I need to toddle off to bed. Did you get my new e-mail addy?

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