Oi Vay… this was a weekend. I went to go get Adolfo on Friday after work and found him sick. He was burning up and stumbling around the retail store he works at. I swear he could have passed out. I took him to Denny’s on the way to my house to get him some soup and when I got home it was 1 am. He was on-fire! I called my mom in a panic and she told me to put him in the shower and give him a cool to tepid rub down… then I got him 400mg of aspirin and shoved him off to bed. I never felt such heat coming off another person!

In the morning (Saturday), I went to Vons and bought a thermometer and took his temprature. He 102 in the morning and he was much cooler than he was the night before, too! I made him a bagel and we had orange juice and I sent him to bed for the day. He was hovering around 102 until this morning. High temp and achyness… those were the only symptoms. What the hell???? If he was sick-sick I am puzzled, because his body was fighting something. He thought it was some shrimp he had at Bellagio, but maybe it was a virus? Anyone know?

Anyway, last night I decided to cook something nice and made an attmept at making chicken marsalla from scrpatch. I did not have everything right, but it came off okay. I made a bachamel and mixed it with some portini mushrooms in white wine. I had cooked two chicken breasts earlier and then added them to the sauce… blah blah blah put it over some saphron noodles and wahlah!

That morning I also made a soup in advance. I picked up some yellow squash and cooked that up, then made a cream soup out of it and it was yummy! I served it with the chicken dish and yum yum yum.

This morning I made a breakfast bread with a bruscuiotto, egg, and cheese center and it was delicious. I followed a salty recipe, but I will change it next time I make it.

God, school is going to end for the quarter. I have a final test tomorrow which is a certification test for my food safe card. I have to know a lot of numbers and tempratures for food safety. We took a practice test last week and man… did I do bad. I have to be better prepared for some of these tests. I was not ready for a test 2 weeks ago and I got an F. I got my first and only F this quarter…. ARGH!

Anyway, I think I will do okay please please please God. I must get 60 out of 80 queations to pass. Does not sound too hard, huh?

plans coming up? I hope to be going to go traveling with a buddy in a couple weeks! On 9/20 Adolfo and I are heading out of town for the weekend with each other. We are going to visit my mom and then my ex GF, then his mom before coming back to LV. Yeah…. oi vay.

Someone pray for me and cast some good magic my way please? Gary??? Anyone else?

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