I tend to neglect this diary more than I should. Sorry about that. Sorry goes to me more than anything because when I write things here it makes me feel better and I get to vent.

Adolfo and I are doing okay still. I am happy to report… but he tends to get depressed gets lost in his own head periodically. last night he had a bot of a meltdown which lasted less than an hour and he cried. Today, he got really quiet and moody and then it was finally over when I got him to explain. Oi Vay!

I am worried about school and money as usual. I cannot afford my monthly school payment for August and have to go to them tomorrow and explain that. I wonder what that will mean for me??? I dunno. It is 535./month I have to pay the Art Insitute for Culinary classes … I was deluded for thinking I could afford that. Just because I had a couple lucrative months I somehow held on to the hope I would continue to rake in cash.

Do not get me wrong. I am current with most stuff right now. I pay all my bills at the beginning of the month all the time anyway and can meet all ther others. I can even buy groceries this month. Well, for the most part. I did buy some AND I made some interesting dishes for Adolfo every night this weekend. Friday night I made a chicken breast with polenta and french green beans. Saturday I made chicken, rosoto, and braised boc choy. Tonight I made a pork roast, blue cheese polenta, and frnch green beans. FABULOUS, huh? What man dating me could ever complain when being fed like that?

Working at Sur La Table at Desert Passage has been nice, but it is a little on the dull side. I met the owner/chef of the Tillerman Restaurant this week and his name was Mark Dimarco… I was excited. I get excited meeting Chefs of distinction let alone the ones no one knows. I plan on working in a kitchen by October. I still think I did the right thing by going to Culinary school. I bring home kitchen assignements and make them here for my little guinea piggie…. ha hah a

Finals are in three weeks. School will be out from 9/20 through 10/14 and I am hoping that a buddy of mine will take me on another adventure. He is the guy who took me to Bangkok and San Francisco. No, just freinds… get your brains out of the gutter. I am a good travel companion!

What else??? Oh, I forgot to mention my creams lately. I have been having very vivid dreams. Two nights ago I was in a Russian store buying these spoons. They had a silver scoop part and a silver knodule at the top, but the handle was intriguing. It was porcelyn and blue with a white flower painted on it. This spoon was very important for somereason???? Last night I saw a baby with hypothermia at a football game in the arms of a foot ball player. He tossed it away underarm behind him and I caught it while backed up with a wall of football players. The baby was warming up and coming to life in my arms… I was the only part in color.

Am I messed up or what? Is insanity attractive to anyone except Anna Nicole? And what about her??? I saw her son Daniel… sweet little pumpkin! But what a god damn dumb show! We watched it lastnight… ha ha ha


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