I am remiss for not making an entry for so long. I feel like I am moving in

too many directions at one time and can hardly keep up. It’s setting me into

such a quadary as I seek to achieve the things I think I want and need while

I feel allof my security slipping away. With bills looming over my head, I feel

like an impotent child jumping and reaching futily for the box of cookies on

the top shelf that is impossible to get to.

Anyway, I have been working on several projects of little consequence with

the looming monster of the company over me and glaring at me. It has been ignored

and un fed, but finally Jeff seems to be finishing the financials and I might

be able to launch forward with the actual business plan. I have been so focused

on making money happen that I have been worrying about it not being there. Thank

goodness the spirits have been bringing money into my life that has just been

covering expenses. Just.

I also checked out a school I really want to go to that will enhance my business

as well as meet some personal fulfillment. It is the Art Institute of Las Vegas

under the Culinary Program there! It’s a new campus here and it is absolutely

lovely. As usual, money is another issue. I need a 150.00 app fee and then I

need to consider the money needed to catch up my student loan as well.

Yet, I am determined. I need to bring my life back around to something healthier.

Calgone… Calgone??? Oh crap… Someone take me away!

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