So, what is going on? As usual I am working til late in the evening on the

variety of projects I have taken on in my life. I simply wish they were providing

more money. At least I have been able to be a little more social lately as well.

I have left AIM open for chat more often and my regular peeps include Chippy

(aka R@!) and Nolly (aka Noah).

Anyone knowing this dark circle knows all about Mikey, about Noah, and Chippy.

Recently Noah was involved in a traffic accident involving 6 cars. He said he

was trapped in his car for 6 hours as it lye on its side. He broke his arm and

some ribs. This poor baby, I wanted to cradle him. Noah is a paradox and an

interesting figure that has wandered into my life. When I first met him (on-line

through AIM) I thought he was a spoiled, unenlightened, out-of-touch boy. There

were reasons for this, but I figured out it was built on my own prejudice. Noah

has been through a lot!

He has survived cancer, numerous physical injuries, recent major medical issues

that caused him blackouts and other trauma, and on and on. It’s like there is

a bizarre band of energy around him. He cherishes life so much. He is one of

the most passionate guys I can say I have met because he faces life head on

and embraces every moment of it. If he is afraid of death I would be surprised,

but he does not welcome it for sure.

This has become an entry about Noah so far. I think about him a lot. I think

about my own misconceptions of him. I still do not think I really know him.

Noah is my little prince. He loves and can receive love. He is in love with

his boyfriend Brian who seems like a great guy. He loves Mikey very much and

misses him intensely when he is away. When we talk I feel the love of a potential

friendship and admire his warmth.

In my life, things are still going well with Adolfo. He and I spent a nice

romantic day together yesterday. He works 7 days a week between the Venetian

Canal and Desert Passage in retail. I talked to him for a while yesterday about

his career, but I think he has a good future in retail if he wants it, but he

seems to desire other things? I know a lot of people look down their nose at

retail, but for some people there is a viable career in it. He has been doing

it so long he might as well make it a career. He said something about wanting

to teach, which he has the temperament for, but he is doing nothing to achieve


I did mention Mikey before. Home-boy and I have barely connected since he has

been back from Toronto. He seems to be making another life for him here and

when he moves in with Kevin, Josh, and Christian he may drift further away.

With the rift between GC and I, seems they have chosen to hang with him. Maybe

ol’ dysfunctional GC is on medication and is becoming bearable????? Well, not

enough for me.

I miss Mikey and the boys. I know I have Adolfo, but having a boyfriend does

not replace the company of friends. Maybe Josh, Kev, and Christian never cared

for me that much to begin with? Maybe they were just friends with me because

of the Mikey link? So, who knows. As Mikey drifts away from me who knows who

and what I will be left with in the coming weeks and months.

Oh well, I am not wallowing. Just taking the time to spill out the things in

my brain right now. Cheers!

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