I’ve been working very hard on a new website the last couple days. It’s a web

site that is for adults only, so forgive me for not sharing. ANyway, it is another

one of my adventures of business that could turn out well or be another never

ending waste of time that sucks the life from my bones and leaves me spent…

sounds nice and dramatic, huh?

So, are you reading my other bloggers here? Click the Listing button up top

there to see blogger postings from some of my homies. If I could ever get Allan

to get his posted, he could join 16 year old Jared, FunkCamLive’s Mikey, and

the mighty Nolly on their postings that I have linked here.

(2 Hours Later)

I started off in a couple directions since I started this entry earlier. I

really do not have any anieties to struggle with at the moment except al the

work I need to get done. I plan on working on the site mentioned above (Action

Hero Network.Com aka anh2x.net
) as well as the other new site also mentioned.

I am working very hard and spend so much time daily yest never earning a penny.

I am desperately broke and penniless right at the moment. My car has less than

1/4 tank of gas and I do not have cash to buy groceries at the moment either.

It’s rathger pittiful and I am busily using my entrprenuerial talents to search

for work, but I may even have to sink as low as getting a JOB. Ewww….

Now if you know me I have given up entirely on the world of being a slave for

someone else. I work my ass off for companies and then they kick me to the curb

like yesterday’s garbadge when they are done using me. I guess my point is the

work of the worker is not a truly appreciated one and I hope to have employees

of my own one day. Problem with that idea is that I become the enemy.

Anyway, Mikey and I have not heard from our Angel. This mysterious person has

been an angel to others beside myself. He helped out a few people I know of

and I have no idea if he was really thinking ahead when he did all that. Did

he know he would be out of work? Did he hanve any idea? Did this generousity

bankrupt him and now he is in the very same spot?

There are very few people with the heart and the soul to give to someone else.

Though I would certainly have lost a lot of things I have earned in life if

not for the generous investment of some people. I figured the best way

for me to repay these people was to pass it on to someone else some day. "Pay

it forward" turns into somethng real then, huh?

Now, I do not have a benefactor. Now, all that I have been striving for is

in danger once again. In the last few years I have cleaned up my credit, gained

control over some past taxes I owed, began establishing myself in business,

and now it could all be gone in two weeks time. If I do not make my rent or

my car payment then I will certainly lose all that I have worked for. What about

my business?

Some people have asked me… why not get a job flipping burgers or doing this-or-that.

In effect, they keep bringing up jobs that require a lot of time and little

money. I am a highly skilled person with a great degree of intelligence. Imagine

me standing in some idle job where I am not allowed to use my brain I would

go friggin nuts. On top of that, it is very difficult for me to stand for long

hours on my feet without some nasty back pain. Weel, See my Resume

for yourself.

Anyway, I am hopeful things will turn around. They have in the past.

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