As you may have seen on the cover page, I am feeling a little distressed. Noah

has been very sweet about it and has tried to be consoling. He said that I helped

him in the past, but I feel like I have been less than helpful. It’s because

Noah talks to me and Mikey talks to me and I cannot relate either conversation

to the other. So when Mikey and Noah are happy with each other or pissed at

each other I get to be Switzerland. They are funny, because one minute they

are feuding and ten minutes later they are passionately in love. Mikey always

glimmers when he talks about Noah which I think is really cute.

As far as my guardian angel is concerned, I have not heard from him at all.

I am very concerned about him personally and hope he s well. Very few people

actually know who my angel is (one actually) … but I wish he would send me

an e-mail and let me know all is well. My angel may be moving to LV, too. LV

is waiting for you baby!

Anyway, I am stressed out and my horoscope told me a couple days ago top be

very careful when talking with friends and family because I may end up pissing

someone off. Well, yesterday I actually got Mikey pissed off at me. I was pissed

at him too. But then again, the whole day yesterday was a mess anyway. Maybe

you saw the diary posting? People kept asking me about this job thing and it

turned out not to be what I expected. I really thought I was going to start

working on Tuesday and that was that… but damn not a thing.

I went to training and I was told that the MASH staff was going to write a

review on me and then I would receive a call eventually. I want to do this because

of the money, but also because I get to help people. I get to help people get

their lives together. It would be a spiritually rewarding position and that

was what I wanted.

Anyway, I think Mikey and I are okay. He came back from Toronto different than

when he left and I have to adjust to the new person. I am invested here in LV

and he is not, this is a temporary stop over for him. As far as Adolfo is concerned,

I got to chill with him too. I kinda railed him last night over not calling

me and he got pissy right back. I guess I am not the only stressed out cookie

in the world? Anyway… talk soon!

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