Dear lord I have been busy. Today I had a couple meetings.

The first one I ended up blowing off with COX Cable about buying advirtising

space. Like I need that right now. Then I had to be at MASH Village in oder

to hear about a new peoject I am taking on where I will be conducting training

and follow up with people who are homeless and such. I am very excited this

finally came up. Tomorrow, I have another meeting over there and a Toastmasters

meeting, both of which I needed written material prepared for it. So I spent

my evening working on those things.

    If you made it here through UrielsLantern.Com, then you

see some of the cosmetic changes and some new additions. Wonder why I am stressed?

I too this deal on as well.

    Anyway, I am making a quick entry as I feel myyself sloly

submerging into unconsciousness and a need to go to bed. Tomorrow is going to

be a busy day, too!


Love Ya!

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