It’s been just a few days since I made an entry in my diary. A few things have

happened since then. Mostly, I have been missing Mikey. Mikey was supposed to

be coming home today and he got stuck in Canada because of our bizarre border

laws. I know there are reasons for these rules, but give me a break. This is

a country that will let terrorists in but not loopy Canadians!

Anyhoo, Saturday I was chased into the WAL Mart parking lot by a nice woman

who said I should be modeling. She invited me to a "model search"

and I went. It’s a decent looking enough organization, but the whole thing was

a dog and pony show to show their website where models

can be listed and searched through their data base. It’s a good idea. They put

on a big show and I guess myself and a few other people there kinda stood out…

not, my ego is in check. I know I am not a greek god or anything like that.

But, I photograph well and I am in the process of loosing weight. So, it is

coming together.

Anyway, I like what they are offering. I would like to list myself on the site

and see what work I can do from it. It would cost 800.00 and they want payment

this week. What I do not like is this whole salesman stroke… Sales people

are such scum and you can tell they hired professional sales people to call

clients after the introduction. I got this clown named Mark over there giving

me the whole shmooze and trying to work another client. You would have loved

to listen to this. He used all the tricks including saying there was a limited

time to take this great offer and not to mention all the pseudo approval process

for ‘my look’. (I am rolling my eyes big time)…

Yes, I would like to go for it. I called the Ford and Wilhelmina modeling agencies

today and they both heard of Options. Ford never uses their models and Wilhelmina

used one once. Well, these are the cream of modeling agencies and figure this

is still a good sign. Ford’s website is awesome and – for sure – they do not

need Options.

What else happened????

Well, if you have been reading these entries, then you know about Hector? If

not, read back. Well, there is the guy I ran into recently whom I used to date

about 8 years ago in Los Angeles. Actually, he lived in Whittier, California

when we dated and something happened where we drifted apart. I do not recall

what that was and I had to ask him.

This guy is named Adolfo and I was shopping at the Desert Passage with friend

Jeff who was visiting on a long weekend. I dated Adolfo in 1994 for a couple

months and it was going pretty well. Somehow we ended up not really breaking

up so much as drifting apart and just did not call each other at some point.

He is just the type I am attracted to. He is petite, mexi, uncut, a great kisser,

and more. He is very affectionate if not a little on the codependent side. BUT,

a very sweet guy.

He stayed over the last couple nights and hung out. How great was that? Anyway…

it’s all good. It makes me think the Hector thing was a lesson learned before

I could get it together with Adolfo. Way cool.

That was three big things. I am feeling very upset over Mikey right now and

am happy that I am doing other things, though. I tell you, I want to take a

chance at good opportunities here. I wish that have the money for the Options

website, but may need to wait or pass. I do not have the money right now. I

would love to get some liposuction to knock off that little weight I am holding

onto too! Well, I will hear about payment methods on Thursday night.

Oh, and next Tuesday my other job starts too. I got a call this morning confirming

it and I get to pop off to Boulder City for training. I am so totally excited.

This is also going to be cool as well.

Oh, my 16 year old stud puppy is now posting on UrielsLantern. So… click

the HOME button up top and see his postings! He’s a brilliant guy!

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