Here is a pic from the web cam of me and Adolfo. I realize that in the last

few weeks I have been jumping around man to man. I also made this great decision

that I was in no place for a boyfreind right now as well. I suppose that means

I have been all over the map? God’s honest truth is I do not neccessarily knopw

what I want. For that matter, I think a lot of people have no clue at all what

the fuck they want in the first place. Yes, I still think men suck. When it

comes to relationships men are the worst creatures.

Adolfo and I met in Long Beach, California back in 1994. We were both out at

Ripples (a gay dance club on the beach there), and as I recall I had to do a

lot of chasing around for him. Anyway, we dated a while I think. Something like

3 or 4 months. I think we did a lot of things together. We went to Disneyland

(anything Disney I love!) and we went to visit my mom for Thanksgiving. I know

we even spent Christmas that year together, ya know. How do I know all this???

Well, in one of my oldest photo albums contains all those memories. I had to

ask him about what the hell happened to us? Why did we stop seeing each other?

Well, as it turns out we seemed to have glided away from each other and stopped

calling each other. I thought he was not really interested in me and he was

unsure of where I stood at the time as well. Makes sence, if you think about

it, because neither of us were talking about these things with each other. Another

problem is that I have NO memory of the past… that is much of my history is

pretty blank. I cannto explain this… except some experimenting between the

ages of 16 and 17 that may still be causing some…. deterioration.

As it turned out, I moved to Boston in 1996 and about the same time Adolfo

moved to Las Vegas. So, Jeffy-Jeff and I were shopping at Desert Passage and

as we were strolling past one of the shops I noticed one fine looking boy. I

noticed one fine looking ass. Yeah baby! THEN he turned arouns and the looks

of recognistion were registering. Could I remeber his name? No… Yet he could

instantly recall everything about me. I tell you, my brain is fried.

It took a while for us to connect. I went through Hector and some other guy

in the interim and since then Adolfo and I have been spending a lot of time

together. He is originally from El Savadore and and is nearly my age. He is

close to his family and is really laid back which I dig. I was able to tell

him some of my darlest secrets which makes him a keeper.

On another note… I am working on the business stuff again and will be preparing

for next week. The new YOB starts next week and I am anticipating all the way!


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