Well, I did it… I got some needed updates done on this site so it looks a

little better and a little more intuitive. I keep adding features to it and

these fancy-schmancy flash menus take a little time and patience to put together.

Mind you, there nothing like Mikey puts together for his sites. He uses the

real flash while I cheat with Swish. He reminded me periodically that – it’s

not real flash…
If he reads this he will say … I never said anything.

But he always murmurs that Swish is just for text after he say something about

it. I do not think he realizes he does that! Ha ha ha – yes, I find it funny

and Mikey better not get pissy over it or I will kick his ASS! Oh, wait… he

does not have an ass.

Anyhoo…. I also added my own message board to this site. Fuck you GC (Chuck

Cavanaugh at gay cams)! Little toad took a personal attitude toward me and banned

me from his site because he could. The little weasel had a pennies worth of

power and used it… yawn! His attitude and recent bannings along with me are

making him look like a bigger fool every day. He sits alone in his tiny apartment

– key word ALONE – and hovers over his laptop all day long. At least the computer

won’t tell him what an idiot he is. Oh wait… it probably does.


I got Tom a new dog collar yesterday and spent a day out with him, too. The

little puppy needed a day out of the apartment and we went to the dog park over

at Sunset Park where I met this cool group of Dykes I might hang with in the

future. Kathy kicks ass and Theresa was cool too. The third gal- Rhonda – she

seemed really nice as well. I hope I hook up with them!

Guess what!?!?! I actually had a good night’s sleep last night drug free! You

ask yourself … wh wh what???? Well, in order to sleep most nights I take anything

from NyQuil to Excedrine PM or melatonin or whatever to sleep. I was so tired

when I went to bed last night that I just snoozed. I was thrilled about it when

I got up this morning. Why? Why was last night different than any other night?

Well, I am not sure. I did pay a lot of bills yesterday that were starting to

go past due and maybe that relieved a lot of pressure.

I also wanted to open a new checking account because I am fed up with Wells

Fargo. Washington Mutual has the best commercials that really define a bank

like Wells Fargo that will fee the unholy hell out of you. It’s a nice commercial,

but Washington Mutual is such a fucked up bank! No deposits allowed in the ATM?

High high high fees for EVERYTHING ELSE except to put your checking account

there. Oh my GOD! The branch was so nice, but the policies of this bank were

outrageously bizarre! They implied that these policies were in Nevada because

of gambling addiction… well, I walked out. I though Chex Systems and Credit

bureaus were for financially troubled people… but hell! I will check out one

of the credit unions here today.

I guess that’s it for now. Check out all the new stuff on the site!

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