I have been thinking a lot about this whole Hector incident and why I didi

what I did. Why did I crunch over this other guy while I strongly suspected

Hector was right there??? What was it? All I can conceive is that my heart knew

it would never work out. He had just told me he had to move to Seattle next

month and here I am JUST settling into my life here. He told me he cared for

me a lot and I felt stronger for him. But, was it too much too soon?

Alas I have to agree that I was wrong and that the future would be different.

I will try and be a better man to the next person – if there is a next person

in my life.

It is so fucking hot here tonight. I have been feeling off-key all frieaking

day! I went out and bought some new Joe Boxer undewear at Marshall’s today because

I am constantly ruunning out of undies. Hey. it’s freaking Marshall’s so you

know they were cheap.

I miss my Mikey (I know Nolly – he’s really your Mikey). I bought him a little

gift today with the hope he will be coming back soon to his freinds. I am really

distressed right now over emotional stuff and came home physcially and emotionally

exhausted today from my Toastmasters meeting as the gym… oh, and shopping.

Hmmm… I had a Beverly Hills Teen Age day!?!?!?! A Teen Age girl! Ha ha ha

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